Produced by: MONDO TV – Aurora

Yootopia, where Yoohoo & Friends live, is a small, vibrant tropical island that is closely related to the environment of Planet Earth! The two places are mutually dependent, and when a problem occurs on Earth, so does Yootopia get an environmental issue. There is ‘Tree of Life’ in Yootopia, and the tree is a barometer indicating how the environment of Earth is. For thousands of years, the tree has borne a plenty of mysterious fruits and they never decayed. One day, the fruits start to decay from one to another, and whenever it happens, YooHoo and his friends dispatch to solve the problem on Earth. They are always carrying each magical devices, which became magical gadgets after equipping Green Seed, to Earth and solve the problems altogether with all their power and wisdom.




gender neutral | upper preschool


S1 52 x 11’ | S2 52 x 11’

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