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A full calendar of events is planned for an autumn dedicated to Nina and her inseparable friend, Cloud Olga.

The television series, Nina & Olga, inspired by the books of La Nuvola Olga by the well-known children’s writer and author, Nicoletta Costa, co-produced by Enanimation and Mondo TV Producciones Canarias S.L. – Nina Y Olga A.I.E. in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, finally arrives on the Italian Kids Channel DeAJunior from 5 September, Monday to Friday.

Every day Nina and her inseparable friend, Cloud Olga, will keep the children tuned in to DeAJunior company, to accompany them in their growth in an entertaining way every day.

Nicoletta Costa

One of Nicoletta Costa’s best-loved characters for young readers, thanks to the historical titles of EMME edizioni, an international publishing success for over 30 years, Olga the Cloud is one of the two protagonists of this successful and award-winning television series, which is already loved and known by the very young public in Italy thanks to its widespread programming on Rai Yoyo and Rai Play.

For this TV series, aimed at children aged 3 to 6, Enanimation, an award-winning film production and distribution company based in Turin, has developed a new character, not part of the author’s previous literature, namely a very curious little girl with a head full of hedgehogs who lives in the Underside, Nina, who is best friends with the white Cloud Olga.

Nina is a sweet 6-year-old girl and, together with her schoolmate and friend Teo, Olga has countless adventures. One day, looking down, Olga, who lives in the World Above together with the Sun, the Moon and her aunts Grigione, sees Nina chasing her hat and decides to come down and help her. It will be the beginning of a great friendship.

With fun and naturalness, in the course of the series the two protagonists will accompany the children through small daily challenges, holding their hands and learning together to understand and manage emotions.

Realised in 2D digital animation, the direction of Nina & Olga was entrusted to Lisa Arioli, already co-director of the recent medium-length film on the life of St. Francis ‘Francesco’, produced by Enanimation and Rai Ragazzi. The writing direction is by the English author Steve Middleton and the music is by the award-winning musician Luigi Meroni, author for years at Hans’s Zimmer Media Ventures. The concept of the series was created by Nicoletta Costa and Stefania Raimondi, while the executive producers are Federica Maggio and Maria Bonaria Fois.

Since the debut of the TV series last September on the RAI networks, Nina & Olga have found new travel companions: Mondadori – Libri per Ragazzi, which has produced a rich series of books inspired by the TV series and authored by Nicoletta Costa; Ludattica, a partner for educational games and game-books; Musgummi and Kimbe, respectively for the Costume Character and live events; and Illustrabimbi, for a highly original and delicate clothing line using the author’s drawings. The latest partner in this adventure is Plush Company, which will launch a line of Nina & Olga-inspired plush on the market this Fall.

Online, on the Nicoletta Costa Store, the official e-commerce dedicated to the world and products of Nicoletta Costa, there is also a space dedicated to Nina & Olga merchandising where it is possible to buy exclusive T-shirts, mugs and cases for the little fans of these two inseparable friends.

In addition, this autumn Nina & Olga will star in a series of ‘live’ adventures in Italy to be announced in the coming weeks.

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