Produced by: Mondo TV, Toon2Tango

Is a 52×5’ simulated stop motion animated pre-school show. Whenever people walk through a lush forest they see a wonderful world full of living things such as trees, birds, and flowers. But there’s a lot they’ll miss such as the wee little creatures that blend into their surroundings. They could look like the tree bark, or fallen leaves or even an old root ball. The Wee Littles is about a family of very small forest creatures living in a great big forest world. To enter the Wee Littles’ realm, we need to get down low, on our bellies to see things from another view. It’s a world where ferns and bushes tower over you like trees. And trees are like skyscrapers. Our lead character is a family of four, who solve every problem together, as a family.

The show is inspired by traditional Irish tales. Its appeal, however, is international; it covers universal topics like family, environment, diversity, creativity, imagination, sharing, humour and support.

The Wee Littles is produced by Magpie 6 Media and commissioned by RTE with the help of BAI, Screen Ireland and Section 481. Toon2Tango and Mondo are the distributors.


little creatures | forest | family | support

Watch the episode: 01 – THE WEE LITTLES_Thingamajiggy_EN

adventure | comedy


46x 5′

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