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House of Talent, devised by Matteo Altieri, is an Italian crew whose young members have already enjoyed enormous success on social networks. Each member of the crew offers models of talent and ability worth aspiring to. House of Talent is about showing how everyone’s potential and talent can be enhanced. It highlights diversity as a plus while focusing on everyday life, with a carefully devised editorial plan that addresses teenage issues and trends in an accessible and identifiable way, as well as a weekly live podcast. House of Talent began life on social networks. Instagram where it started, saw the crew hit record numbers. Then came YouTube, where, importantly, fans could see the original productions and music videos made by the House of Talent crew. Next up is Spreaker, home of the podcast, which adds a wild new dimension to the House of Talent offering. But it won’t end there. The amazing world of House of Talent is changing and evolving, with many new, original and on-trend initiatives coming soon. Don’t miss it!

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