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Episodio 1 – "THE LION KING"

Simba, the lion king, is killed in front of his cubs by assassins for the fault of Shere Khan, the tiger who wants to usurp his throne. It doesn't take little Simba long to realize that Shere Khan is his worst enemy. After the King's death, Simba and his sisters are adopted by a pack of wolves, the same ones who had once raised Mowgli. The wolves and the other jungle animals - Kaa the snake, Baloo the bear, Baghera the leopard, and Augustine the wise owl - will be the unfortunate orphans' teachers and guardians. Bimbo, an orphan deer, becomes Simba's great friend,and together, the two little ones will live out numerous adventures.

Episodio 2 – "HUNGER"

Simba tries to catch a rabbit, but his tender age and lack of hunting skills cause him to fail miserably. Bimbo explains that he mustn't eat rabbits, and takes his friend to a field where they eat a strange grass. The grass has a powerful hallucinogenic effect on them, and they imagine themselves to be great warriors surrounded by ghosts. The monkeys witness this incredible 'show', and are quick to inform Shere Khan, who orders them to capture the two little ones… On seeing their friends' strange behavior, the wolf cubs summon their mother and Olech, a Red Cross squirrel, who prepares a potion of herbs, thanks to which Simba and Bimbo make a fast recovery. The owl hears of the little ones' ordeal, and hurries to teach them how and what to eat. Mamma wolf asks Kaa, Baloo, Baghera, and the elephants to help her with Simba's education.

Episodio 3 – "THE SIXTH SENSE "

Baghera takes it upon himself to teach Simba how to hunt. The lion cub puts all his heart into the lessons. He then senses that Bimbo is in danger ,and asks the leopard if they can interrupt the lesson to go look for his friend. His timely intervention saves Bimbo from the monkeys, whose aim was, of course, to hand him over to Shere Khan. Later, Mamma Wolf explains to Simba how his sixth sense actually saved Bimbo's life.


Simba and Bimbo are wandering through the jungle when the lion cub suddenly falls into a trap set by poachers. In the meantime, the Hyena, who has been ordered by Shere Khan to catch the lion cub, asks the monkeys to back him up. The monkeys set off in search of Simba, and they find him in a field. Aware of the monkeys and fearing an attack, the lion cub enlists Bimbo's aid to put his plan into action. The two little ones hide a trap, and find an arrow nearby— making sure that the monkeys are watching, Simba then pretends to be hit by the arrow. The ruse works, because the Hyena and the monkeys fall for the arrow trick, and race away to tell Shere Khan. Simba and Bimbo are then saved by Baghera, who explains that only by staying together can they overcome all dangers. Augustine, the wise owl, feels that Simba is destined to become the king of the jungle.

Episodio 5 – "THE SHIPWRECK "

Three new animals join the jungle community - two mice and a white puppy, who Simba and Bimbo encounter during one of their walks through the jungle. The puppy (Winner) yearns to live freely with all the other animals of the jungle, and after escaping from his master, he met the two mice, Thin and XL, on the beach after they survived a shipwreck. The three newcomers are accepted by the Grand Council on condition they respect the laws of the jungle.

Episodio 6 – "SIMBA'S STAR GIFT "

Simba and his friends venture into the jungle in search of Winner's ball that fell into the pond. During their search, they meet a Tenor Frog singing the Traviata and next they meet the Fire Flies, who lead the friends to their kingdom, where they then meet the Fire Fly Queen. She explains the secrets of their 'fire', and honors Simba with the powers of the 'Great Bear', pinning on his chest the seven stars that make up the celestial constellation. The lion cub has been given the power, which can be shot from his right paw, as he is destined to become the king of the jungle.

Episodio 7- "BIMBO AND ARBOR"

Bimbo is also of royal descent. Arbor, the king of trees, summons the little deer telepathically, tells him of his parents' heroic demise, and bestows upon him the powers of the Great Bear by pinning on his chest the symbol of the celestial constellation. In times of danger, he will be able to shoot the power from his chest. The symbol indicates that Bimbo will one day become king of the Black Forest.

Episodio 8 – "THE CELEBRATION"

All the animals of the jungle and the forest organize a large party and concert in Simba and Bimbo's honor in order to celebrate their receiving the powers of the Great Bear. The cricket conducts the orchestra of animals, who play their hearts out. The concert is a huge success, an unforgettable event. Shere Khan wants nothing better than to ruin the party by having the monkeys kidnap Simba and Bimbo, but the monkeys are having too good a time to obey the tiger. The celebrations continue undisturbed, and Simba and Bimbo are left in peace.


Simba is exploring the jungle in search of new plants and animals when he suddenly comes across a number of chrysalises. The chrysalises, still in their cocoons, tell Simba that they are about to transform into beautiful butterflies, and will able to fly. The lion cub is stunned by this revelation, and initially alarmed, he is soon so enchanted that he can't find the right words to tell his friends about it. Bimbo and the others, afraid that Simba might have been at the 'grass' again, quickly summon the Red Cross squirrel and the wise old owl. After examining Simba, Augustine has a good laugh, then explains the miracles of nature, and the wonders of something called 'metamorphosis' that allows chrysalises to become magnificent butterflies. For the first time, our friends witness the marvelous show put on by Mother Nature, and wonder over the fact that larvae and little, insignificant insects have such an important role in the order of things, and how they go on to become so beautiful.

Episodio 10 – "THE HURRICANE"

The forest is hit by a hurricane, and the ensuing damage is disastrous. Simba and Bimbo are almost washed away by a debris-swollen river, but they are saved by crocodiles in the nick of time, and take refuge in a cave. In the meantime, Thin and XL, gather up the chrysalises and bury them for safety; later, they discover that their 'treasure' has been washed away by the raging waters. The wise owl then teaches Simba and Bimbo about the causes of hurricanes and other natural phenomena.


After working all night, Augustine looks out his front door and sees it is daytime… While Bimbo and Simba talk to Augustine about his latest discovery, Thin and XL eavesdrop, waiting for the wise owl to step back into his house so that they can then sneak into his laboratory to find out what he has 'discovered'…and XL finds a test tube filled with a blue liquid , drinks some of it, and becomes invisible. Terrified, the two mice race away just as two monkeys— sent there by Shere Khan, who has been informed by the Hyena that Augustine was working on a spectacular discovery for the good of all living things – breaking into the laboratory. They drink the first thing they find and blow up like gas-filled balloons, soaring up, up, and away into the sky. Simba's friends hear an explosion, and find the old owl sitting in his gutted laboratory, as happy as can be…. Seeing what has happened to their friends, Simba and Bimbo ask Augustine about the effects of his discovery, and if there is an antidote…. Afraid that his discoveries might fall into the wrong hands, Augustine decides to burn the two formulas and destroy the rest of his work. In the meantime, XL becomes visible once again, and the two monkeys deflate and plummet back to earth...

Episodio 12 – “SOCCER”

Winner invites Simba and the others to learn the game of soccer. They run, play, and head the ball… At one point, Simba kicks the ball so hard it goes flying into the distance, and falls into the hands of the monkeys, who give it to Shere Khan in exchange for a reward. Shere Khan and the Hyena decide to use the ball as bait to catch Simba, however in vain, and with the help of Thin and XL, Simba manages to pull the wool over the scheming tiger's eyes, gets the ball back, and returns it to Winner.

Episodio 13- “WILD RED DOGS”

Simba, Bimbo and Mamma Wolf's cubs are playing when they are suddenly attacked by a fearsome pack of red dogs. Defending themselves, Simba, the elephants, and the crocodiles drive off the dogs thanks to the power of the Great Bear, and Bimbo's freshly-sprouted horns. In the end, Baghera's courage and strength defeats the terrifying red dogs permanently…. After their battle for survival, our heroes realize how important it is to stay united, to help each other.

Episodio 14 – “THE EAGLE KING ”

Simba and Bimbo yearn to visit their birthplaces : the jungle for Simba, the Black Forest for Bimbo. They know that before venturing forth on any journey, that they will have to confront Shere Khan, and in the meantime, they train for the trials and tribulations of the journey that lies ahead. One day, while working out, they meet the King of Eagles, who is prepared to accompany them on their journey. Baghera and Baloo teach the two young friends that the secret to success in life is being able to rely on their own resources.

Episodio 15 – "FOREST FIRE"

A fire sweeps through the jungle and all the animals join forces to fight the flames: the elephants and the bears rip up trees to create a corridor wide enough to stop the fire, while the other animals save Simba and the cubs too young to fend for themselves by getting them to the river, where the crocodiles carry them to the opposite bank. In the end, Simba sees a palm leaf floating on a current of hot air, and with Bimbo's help, saves the day by putting out the fire. The method he uses is simple: light another fire to extinguish the first, by harnessing the opposing currents of hot air. Augustine congratulates Simba on his understanding of physics...

Episodio 16 – "THE COBRA"

A white cobra terrifies the jungle animals by spitting fire and destroying everything in its path. Simba intervenes and saves numerous animals from certain death; however, the situation remains untenable, but luckily Kaa has a clever idea. He tricks the cobra into following him to a gorge, where he bridges the gap with his body. After all the animals have crossed to the other side, he pulls back. Unaware of the precipice, the cobra then plunges over the edge. Once again, the jungle is safe.

Episodio 17 – "THE WISE TURTLE"

During one of their reconnaissance romps through the jungle, Simba and Bimbo bump into their friend, Crocodile, who takes them to a small island that turns out to be a giant turtle as old as time itself. The turtle tells the two little ones the story of the planet, what it was like when he was young. They learn about earthquakes, Ice Ages, dinosaurs, saber-tooth lions, giant reptiles, amphibians… When it comes times for the turtle to leave, Simba and Bimbo thank her for the lesson.

Episodio 18 – "AUGUSTINE'S GLASSES "

Augustine loses his glasses, and the monkeys see what is going on and snatch them. What a disaster! Without his glasses, Augustine is as blind as a bat. Simba and his friends take it upon themselves to recover the wise old owl's glasses, but unfortunately Augustine falls, bangs his head, and loses his memory… In another part of the jungle, the monkey who stole the glasses becomes the leader of the pack… In the end, Simba and his friends succeed in recovering the glasses, but old Augustine, who still can't remember a thing, believes they stole his glasses as a joke...


Because of the shortage of game in his territory, Baghera has a hard time feeding his family and his hungry cubs are always complaining. When Ludwig the raven lets it be known that the old lion is dead, the unanimous opinion is that Baghera should inherit the territory. But Shere Khan has other plans. Helped by the Hyena, he moves in first and takes possession. The Grand Council, chaired by Augustine, declares that Baghera - having a family to support - has a more legitimate claim to the territory. Thanks to the strength of the elephants and a crafty plan, the tiger is evicted...

Episodio 20 – “INSECTICIDES”

While Simba and Baloo are fishing, Thin and XL spot a box floating by and immediately think 'treasure'. In fact, the box is full of insecticides which could pollute the river and kill all the fish. XL and Thin steal one of Baloo's fish and eat it. Soon afterwards, they feel queasy and immediately think they've been poisoned, but it's only a case of indigestion. Augustine explains how pesticides are used, and comes up with a plan; in fact, under the old owl's supervision, Simba and his friends spread a net across the river to stop any other boxes getting past and polluting the river.


Simba finds a snakeskin necktie, puts it on, and then goes around asking one and all if they know what it is. Worried about the disappearance of their friend Kaa, Simba and his pals set out to look for him. Baghera informs them that Kaa is changing his skin, an annual task he performs in the temple, also known as the House of the Spirits Our heroes ignore the adults' warnings to stay away from the haunted, trap-riddled temple, and set off. When they reach the temple, they soon admit that the adults were right and after several near escapes and heart-stopping scares, they at last find Kaa, who is his old self again.


Winner is so annoyed that it's pouring with rain, that he gets into an argument with Cicci. When Simba and Bimbo step in to restore peace and harmony, the two realize the importance of friendship. Arbor, who has witnessed the scene, rewards the four young ones for showing such good common sense by taking them to visit the mysterious Valley of Flowers, a place of incomparable beauty. They discover flowers they have never seen before and sing together to celebrate.


Kaa takes Simba, Bimbo, Winner, Thin and XL down to the river for a swimming lesson. But the current turns out to be so strong, that it sweeps them away, and they end up falling over a waterfall and crashing into a dam built by a family of beavers. All the beavers' hard work seems to have been destroyed, but Kaa and his young friends set to work to repair the dam…

Episode 24 – "SURVIVAL CAMP"

Baghera and Baloo continue to give Simba, Bimbo, Winner, Thin and XL jungle survival lessons, showing them what dangers to look out for and how to overcome them. They students have to undertake a series of practical exercises like jumping canyons, swimming, diving off high rocks and building traps… At the end of the lessons, Baghera and Baloo test the young ones by sending them out to create pandemonium in the monkeys' camp without getting caught. The young ones have the time of their lives; not only do they complete the test successfully, they dance rings around Shere Khan too.

Episode 25 – “DESTINY”

Simba possesses super powers, but they are not enough to allow him to accede to his father's throne. He must first fight Shere Khan, and accept the responsibilities of a leader who has to answer for the lives of his subjects. He is well aware that his destiny as king of the Savannah must be approved and backed by the Good Spirit of Nature, who wants him to grow up wise and strong. Simba decides to seek inner peace through meditation, and while doing so he hears the voice of his conscience and even gazes into the future. This makes him aware of the importance of the role that awaits him.

Episode 26 – "TORPEDO FISH"

The day of departure draws closer and Simba becomes increasingly more pensive. He has to return to the savannah to regain the throne that was once his father's, but before embarking on the journey, he must first decide which route to take. He asks numerous animals for directions, including an electric eel that, amongst other things, gives Shere Khan and the Hyena such a 'shock' that they run away with their tails between their legs… In the end, the King of Eagles points Simba in the right direction. Armed with the information he needs, Simba bids farewell to his friends...


Baloo's gluttony gets him into trouble: while trying to steal honey from the bees, he is attacked by the entire ferocious swarm. Simba has to use all his diplomacy to calm the bees and restore peace between them and the insatiable bear. Once again, Simba has proved he is worthy of sitting on his father's throne and ruling the jungle. However, he is still in a quandary… He regrets leaving his friends, but the call of the savannah is too strong to ignore...

Episode 28 – "THE MAGIC MANTLE "

Simba and his loyal friends decide to leave for the jungle, but before he sets out, the Queen of Ants sends him a message that Shere Khan is on the warpath… To help Simba reach the jungle and escape the ferocious tiger, Arbor, the King of Plants, gives him a magnificent red cloak that has the power to make the wearer invisible, and which can only be worn by a king. Shere Khan, Hyena, and the monkeys attack time and time again, but Simba and his friends manage to escape


Simba and his friends take refuge in a cave, but find themselves trapped by Shere Khan who waits outside for them to come out. Luckily, Simba finds another exit, and suddenly, they are plunged into a timeless valley, full of geysers, inhabited by mysterious plants and prehistoric creatures who put the fear of death into our friends. Thanks to the protection of the red cloak our intrepid heroes walk through the valley regardless of the dangers that lie along the way. Hot on our heroes' trail, Shere Khan and Hyena end up in the forgotten valley, but beat a hasty retreat when confronted by the dinosaurs..


Simba and his friends continue to wander through the forgotten valley, overcoming danger after danger: earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and fierce, prehistoric animals… Thanks to the red cloak that makes them invisible, they marvel at the sight of all the extinct animals that have survived in the valley, thanks to the climate and a mysterious mix of minerals that gush from hot geysers rising from the center of the earth. In this strange land, Simba and his friends see how life on Earth is threatened by terrible battles between dinosaurs, and they are forced to intervene in the valley's evolution in order to save Lightning, a dinosaur puppy whose parents are killed in a clash between gargantuans. Lightning becomes very attached to Baloo who saves his life on another occasion, and our heroes adopt him and take him with them...

Episode 31 – "THE NILE"

After overcoming countless hazards, including crossing the desert, Simba and his friends finally reach Africa…. Along the way, Simba has been joined by numerous allies: panthers, zebras, falcons, eagles, elephants and camels. Shere Khan is raising an army to stop Simba, and has recruited wild boars, jackals, vultures, rhinoceroses, and ostriches.

Episode 32 – "RAT-TESSE 2ND"

After crossing the desert, Simba and his army reach the banks of the River Nile in Egypt. Thin and XL encounter a desert mouse, who leads them into the depths of a temple. Here, they meet the guardian of the Pharaoh Rattesse II's treasure, who greets them by saying he has been waiting three thousand years for their arrival. When they get over their surprise, Thin and XL follow the guardian and discover they have inherited the royal treasure. Rattesse II himself takes them to see this, the Pharaoh, and his wife, Milkwhite, who give the two mice a magic medallion each. Simba and the others are so full of disbelief when Thin and XL tell them about their adventure, that the two mice decide to keep their secret to themselves.

Episode 33 – "33 THE ASSAULT "

Simba and his army continue their march along the Nile River. At a certain point, Kaa notices they have not seen a single monkey, and he becomes suspicious. He advises Simba to send Cicci, Ludwig and the Eagle to scout ahead and see what Shere Khan is up to. In the meantime, Thin and XL see into the future thanks to their magic medallions, and inform Simba of impending danger…. When Shere Khan launches a surprise attack against Simba's forces, the young lion is ready and then chalks up his first victory against the tiger..

Episode 34 – "THE DUEL"

Simba and his friends are exhausted after the hard battle against Shere Khan, whose forces are also in dire straits. The perfidious tiger plans a move that might turn the tables in his favour. Ronco the rhinoceros shows up at Simba's camp to challenge one of the young lion's champions. Lightning, the dinosaur puppy, volunteers, and so the duel takes place at a neutral site, near the river. Lightning and Ronco confront each other, surrounded by the respective armies and with 'lightning' sweeps of his tail, the dinosaur puppy sends the rhinoceros flying and wins the day. In the end, Ronco is won over by the loyalty of Simba and his troops, and defects, swearing eternal allegiance to the young lion.

Episode 35 – "THE TREASON"

Simba and his army continue their march towards Kilimanjaro, aware that Shere Khan and his forces are ready to do anything to win the final battle. The tiger then puts his evil powers to work: he tells the King of the Cobras how Simba and Kaa killed his brother, the white cobra. Determined to get revenge, the King of the Cobras betrays Simba, and joins forces with the tiger. Thanks to the power of their medallions, Thin and XL warn Simba that the King of the Cobras is approaching with his army of cobras, and that Kaa, the python, challenges the cobra. The ensuing fight is dramatic, but Kaa is immune to the cobra's poison, and finally succeeds in immobilizing the King who, in exchange for his life, swears eternal loyalty to Simba. Using the power of the Great Bear, the young lion banishes the Cobra from jungle.

Episode 36 – "THE BLACKMAIL"

As always, Simba is in the front line, protected by his loyal friends, who do everything they can to stop him sticking his neck out too far. To prove his allegiance, despite the fact that the monkeys have kidnapped his son to make him change sides yet again, the defeated Rhinoceros King remains at Simba's side. Aided by the magic cloak, which makes them invisible, Winner and Simba succeed in saving the young rhino and returning him to his father; their exploit infuriates Shere Khan...

Episode 37 – "THE AMBUSCADE"

To reach the African Savannah, Simba has to pass through a long, narrow gorge, the ideal spot for an ambush. As expected, Shere Khan takes advantage of the situation by launching a major offensive: jackals, hyenas, warthogs, wildebeests, monkeys and others attack en masse and our heroes find themselves in desperate straits… but the crocodiles line up to create a floating pontoon-type bridge with their backs, and so allow Simba's army to escape across the river. Before Simba makes the crossing, his powerful roars put the fear of the savannah into the enemies' troops who don't dare to push forward their attack, in spite of their superior numbers. Simba crosses the crocodile-bridge to rejoin his friends and Shere Khan is furious. Simba decides to forgo a final stand against the tiger not because it will be costly, but because he knows that when peace finally comes, that the animals that are now his enemies will later become members of his kingdom, and with this in mind, he calls upon the pow

Episode 38 – "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT"

Shere Khan decides to call off his offensive in order to reorganize his troops and draw up a new plan against Simba, who takes advantage of the lull to reach the famous source of the Nile River. But our heroes are in for a big surprise… Simba meets Princess Farna, a beautiful lioness, and is swept off his feet. Suddenly, the young lion's behaviour becomes so unpredictable that Bimbo and the other animals begin to worry… However, Thin, XL, Winner and Cicci realize that he has fallen in love. In the meantime, Shere Khan, with the help of General Warthog, prepares a trap that will separate Simba from his troops...


After several days' march across the savannah, our friends reach the shores of Lake Victoria, where they stop to rest, but the break doesn't last long, because Shere Khan has reorganized his troops, and prepares to put his new plan into action: the road to Kilimanjaro is full of traps, and for the first time, Shere Khan takes command of an attack against the weaker section of Simba's army…. It is obvious that the final showdown is close at hand. Simba and Farna are about fulfill their dreams of love, when Thin and XL's medallions reveal the impending danger, and without a moment's hesitation, the young lion returns to save his friends. For Simba, the joy of victory is marred by having to turn his back on love.

Episode 40 – "THE MEETING"

…once again, just when it looks as though the two young "lovebird" lions will meet, Shere Khan sends a swarm of hornets to attack Simba and his troops. Cicci meets with Farna, and convinces her that Simba really loves her. As soon as the danger is over, the two lions meet and declare their love for each other… Their love is no longer a dream.

Episode 41 – "THE USURPER "

After numerous changes of fortune, the opposing forces finally reach Mount Kilimanjaro, and Shere Khan is still convinced he can eliminate his rival. He launches a flea attack, followed by a termite attack, but both are beaten back by Simba. The tiger plays his last card by joining forces with Simba's cousin, the current King of Kilimanjaro. Simba and his cousin fight. It's touch and go, however, in the end, Simba wins.

Episode 42 – "THE TERRIBLE DUEL"

Simba reaches Tanzania in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. The time has come to defeat Shere Khan and avenge his father once and for all. Convinced that Shere Khan will never leave him in peace, he attacks the tiger, cuts him off from his allies, and confronts him in a one-to-one duel in a dead end gorge, while Arbor sends a detachment of thorn bushes to block off the gorge's only exit. As the duel begins, Shere Khan looks for a way of escape. After a long and furious fight, Shere Khan begs for mercy, but Simba knows he can never trust the tiger, and using the magic beam in his paw, he drives Shere Khan over the edge of a precipice...


Simba is crowned in the crystal cave on top of Kilimanjaro, and sits upon the throne of his ancestors. In the meantime, Simba's sisters, Star and Moon, are out looking for him. During their travels, they bump into the Hyena and ask him to accompany them to their brother. The Hyena is scared and wants nothing to do with them, but the two sisters promise to put in a good word for him with the new king, and so Simba and his sisters are happily reunited. All the animals pay homage to the king and the sages of the mountain who watch over Africa, take Simba to a secret cave, and then escort him to the throne that has always belonged to his family. As Simba reaches the peak, the mountain is shaken by a roar from the ancestors who salute the new lion king: Simba.

Episode 44 – "THE GLADNESS"

Now, King Simba can relax, and turn his mind to more pleasant things like marrying Princess Farna. All the animals in the Kilimanjaro region attend the wedding festivities. King Simba starts to organize his kingdom, distributing honors and responsibilities to his loyal friends: the Canary is nominated Royal Crier and Singer of Ballads about Simba's triumphs; the Owl, the Raven and the Squirrels and the Cricket form the Grand Council; Dog Winner and mice Thin and XL are named as Personal Trainers of the king's (as yet unborn) cubs, and Little Lightning and Baloo are elected squires… But the celebrations are marred by sadness: Bimbo, Baghera, Kaa, Baloo and Lightning decide to return to their respective homelands, and Simba has no choice but to accept their decision, thus prepares to see them off.

Episode 45 – "THE RETURN"

It's time to say goodbye. Baghera, Baloo, Ludwig and Kaa have decided to return to the jungle. Bimbo wants to go home to the Black Forest. Sadly, Simba accompanies them part of the way. After saying their farewells, a strange magic spell causes the animals on their way back to the jungle, and Bimbo on his way to the Black Forest, to reach their destinations in the blink of an eye and for some mysterious reason Thin and XL end up in the desert. On the shores of a magic lake, Simba, Farna and Winner witness the strange happenings and are left speechless. Meanwhile, a pelican finds the two mice...

Episode 46 – "THE BLACK FOREST "

In the waters of the magic lake, Simba witnesses the events that lead up to Bimbo becoming king of the Black Forest. It is not an easy transition, because upon reaching the Black Forest, Bimbo stakes his claim to the throne, but although he is acclaimed by the majority, Bimbo is challenged by his cousin, who usurped the throne during his absence. Thanks to the power of the Great Bear, Bimbo wins the day. Surprisingly, Arbor comes to congratulate him and shortly before Bimbo is crowned, he invites him to the secret valley of the Fairies, where he introduces him to Bimba, a beautiful deer who had been hidden in the valley for some time. It's love at first sight, and they decide to get married. The wedding festivities are a huge success, and will be the talk of the forest for years to come... Bimbo and Bimba are destined to live happily ever after.


Simba's friends are given a lukewarm reception on their return to the jungle. Baloo and Lightning try to sweeten their disappointment by stealing a little honey from the bees. They are caught and taken before the Grand Council, where they find they are the guests of honor at a wonderful banquet to celebrate their return, and Lightning is so happy, he starts to speak.


Simba lives in a magnificent, sparkling cavern on Mount Kilimanjaro, which is made up of crystals that glitter in the sunlight. It is also very hot due to the river of molten lava that flows deep within the mountain. The cavern is awash with incredible flowers and plants that thrive thanks to the fresh water from a glacier on the peak. As the ice melts, a trickle of water flows down a chute into the king's cavern creating a crystal-clear, magic pool that allows Simba to see what is happening in the jungle and the Black Forest. Simba receives the ambassadors and emissaries of kings and heads of state, who wish to honor him. The family grows, thanks to the arrival of two cubs, a male and a female. The Raven, the Owl, the Canary, Thin, XL and Winner do their utmost to educate the cubs, but it's no easy task. Their attempts to teach the two lion cubs to walk properly make everyone laugh…. In the meantime, Thin and XL continue their search for the treasure, and gratefully accept the advice of King Leopard III's ambassador, who suggests they concentrate their efforts underground. After numerous adventures, the two mice finally discover a cave full of precious gems.

Episode 49 – "49 BERDAN A NAME TO WORRY"

Simba and Farna live in peace and harmony with their two cubs in the white crystal cave on Mount Kilimanjaro. Arbor drops in for a visit and informs Simba of events in the jungle and how the animals are living. Our hero becomes deeply concerned when, in the magic pool, he spies Berdan, a cousin of the tiger Shere Khan, newly arrived from the distant jungle, following in his disreputable relative's footsteps by throwing his weight around with the backing of the monkeys and hyenas, and plotting to take over the kingdom… The Owl, the Raven and the Squirrels leave immediately to join up with their jungle friends. Realizing he might have another power struggle on his hands, Simba sends the King of Eagles to warn Bimbo. Hungry for power, Berdan makes his move on the throne… Monkeys, vultures and hyenas attack Baloo and Lightning, who put up a desperate defense. Simba keeps an eye on events 'broadcast' in the magic pool, and decides to go to his friends' rescue.


ISimba and Farna check in the magic pool to find out where Bimbo lives and see a small snow-covered valley in the north. Bimbo has his own problems, and is frequently called upon to use his magic powers in order to defend his subjects against the ferocious wolves of the north. In the meantime, Queen Bimba gives birth to a handsome male heir, Cucciolo, and Bimbo is over the moon with joy. For some strange reason, Thin and XL, who are keeping an eye on events in the magic pool, are suddenly catapulted to the Black Forest, where they take part in the festivities.

Episode 51 – "THE PROPHECY"

Simba takes his two cubs, Junior and Light, to see an old lioness, who has magic powers. The lioness confers the powers of the Great Bear on little Junior, and gives Light the gift of second sight. Light immediately puts her new powers to good use by finding out what has happened to Thin and XL. She sees them returning from the Black Forest on the back of the King of Eagles. It appears that the medallions bestowed on the two mice have powers that they have not yet learned how to use...


…The mice describe how, while returning to Kilimanjaro from the Black Forest to rejoin Simba, they found themselves caught in the eye of a hurricane. Suddenly, they were plummeting towards the ground, but, instead of crashing, they found themselves back home on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, safe and sound. After the homecoming party, Arbor explains how the medallions work, but then Light recalls Rattesse II, and demonstrates how the owner of the medallion has only to press his nose against the figure depicted on it in order to be beamed to his destination in the blink of an eye. The two mice take immediate advantage of their new found knowledge by reuniting Simba, Bimbo and the rest of their jungle friends...

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