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Raf, is fair-haired and blue-eyed, beautiful but not a “doll”, with a free and easy glance. Sweet and lively she is the real leader of the group. Raf is a natural poultice’s lover, with a great passion for nature, for soul’s masks of pureness, infusion against the diseases. Romantic and loving she is the most rational in the group too, and a hardened ecologist.Her Earthly assisted is Andrea, an incurable liar. Her winged little-animal is Cox, the lucky Ladybird.




Urié, little girl is nice and graceful, amber-coloured skin, lightly fl at nose, black big eyes and curly long hair. She ever carries the angelical digital camera (digidream) with her. Nice, sensible and a little bit ingenuous, she is the dreamer of the group and for this her friends pull Urié’s leg, even if her perceptions could be ingenious and resolutive. During the sleep she has got some “prophecies” of which she shoots photos with her digidream so that, once awake, she herself explains them in an inconclusive but right way. Her winged little-animal is Lampo, the fi refl y that lights up the street!




Sweet is a nice and fashion girl. She has blue deeply eyes and red long hair and she loves pink color, so she is a real pink girl. She is as sweet as her name and she is fond of dessert, pudding and cake! She has a real passion of eye-glasses, as a matter of fact she has a whole collection of them. She always wants to be in fashion. She loves playing and she always has her head in the clouds… Her winged little-animal is Butterfl y, beautiful, smart and pink of course.




Miki, “Eskimo” little girl, chubby, teeth as a little rabbit. She has tomboy attitude and she is a professional girl of music. Untidy, moody, a little bit irritable, allergic to every kind of good-manners, she is extremely direct, but she has a biting ironic humour and a peculiar liking. Above all she is very generous and brave, whether at Angie Town or between the Earthly kids she meets during her missions. Her winged little-animal is Lula, the Dragonfly, flexible and fanciful thoughts carrier.




He is the leader of the group, icy and implacable. Black hair and yellow eyes, he is unrivalled in the “gift” of the bullying. Haughty and vain until the narcissism he’s dressed like a biker and he’s a skilled sports-kid, but only for lonely extreme sports (like as the climbing, the rafting on the fl ows of canyon to Sulphur City, the windsurf and the diving on the Hell Lake). His devilish mascot is Basilisco, the snake that charms...



She is Sulfus’ right hand. Pestiferous face, wide open eyes, perpetual smile. She has an impertinent tail that looks like a fi re tongue and an uncombed punk bang, lively eyes and freckles. She is the expert of Alchemy and Number’s Science. Her favourite games are the games of chance and the challenges with the little-angels, she is the littledevil most cheat between all. Her devilish mascot is Nosferatu, the radar-bat.



Violet hair, slender and nice, she is the most gloomy of the group, certainly intelligent and refi ned. She is a cinema’s lover and expert of cartoons and movies, cineaste and cartoonist in her turn. Her devilish gift is the falsehood and the conspiracy. After the school she works to the cinema of Sulphur City. She knows all movies of the earthly and eternal history. Her devilish mascot is Aracno, the multiform spider.



He is the most good-natured between the antagonist little-devils. He is essentially harmless, but fearful and telltale. Red hair, with a crest soiled with grease, lazy and chubby, very greedy, he follows Sulfus and his team because he is afraid of their slaps and leg-pulls as well as the teachers’ notes. He falls for his teacher, Mrs Temptel (unattainable). Inside the devils’ rockband he plays the keyboard. His devilish mascot is Gracida, the sticky frog specialized in play the spy



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