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Episode 1 – "The Good Earth"

High in the snowcapped mountain fortress of HEARTHKEEP we meet young prince AGROM of the Earth People. Agrom is a dreamer whose wanderlust and sense of adventure makes him an oddity among his conservative "rock steady" people. Agrom's dreams of adventure take on a decidedly real and deadly twist, when he discovers an impossibility - a fracture in the eons old wall surrounding his kingdom. Upon investigating, he and his friend KONOO are attacked by SCEVEN, near a crack in the Great Walls of his kingdom. Sceven, is a fiery agent of the Volcano People, hell bent on destroying Agrom and stealing his Princely Signet - a gemstone he wears on the back of his hand. Agrom manages to escape, but is met with skepticism when he warns the other Earth People of his deadly encounter. "Gormiti no longer exist outside the walls of the kingdom," they unanimously reply. Only an aged hermit called OlO SAGE believes Agrom's story. He tells the young Prince that he has been waiting for this day with dread. Sceven is actually an Agent of Lord MAGOR of the Volcano People. His appearance can mean only one thing: The sinister FIRE LORO has returned to the island of GORM. When Sceven attacks Hearthkeep, Old Sage tells Agrom that his Signet Stone is in truth a Gorm Stone - a shard of the legendary HEART OF GORM. With it, he can tap into the power of nature. Agrom can transform himself into a towering lORO OF NATURE, with the power to wield rocks and stones! In a huge batti e Agrom manages to push Sceven back through the kingdom wall and seal it off. Old Sage tells Agrom that he has taken his first step into a much larger world. And that it is his destiny to walk outside the walls of his kingdom-and warn the other peoples of Gorm. Agrom is shocked to hear that there are other Gormiti on Gorm. Agrom must reform old alliances and unite the different peoples, "It is your only chance of repelling Magor as he attempts to gather the lost Gorm Stones, re-forge the Heart of Gorm and conquer the island!" Agrom agrees ... and a hero is born!

Episode 2 – "Winds of War"

Agrom and Old Sage come to the Air Kingdom in order to warn its king of Magor's return. The Air People are haughty and aloof. NOCTIS, the King's son and head of the royal guard, knows Old Sage well and does not trust him, calling him a troublemaker. To make things worse, Agrom discovers that an agent of the Volcano People, ANDRALL, is also there to meet with KING NADAR. Agrom learns that King Nadar is making plans to strike a truce the Volcano People. He cautions them against it. The king explains that the Air People stay above petty surface people's concerns. Agrom warns King Nadar not to trust Andrall. Old Sage adds "that there is no dealing with Magor." Noctis shrugs off their warnings and asks them to leave. Later, Andrall attacks the king demanding his Royal Signet (the Gorm Stone). Agrom's warnings have come to passo In a big fight Noctis valiantly defends his father but is beaten back by the powerful Andrall, and alllooks lost until Agrom enters the fray. Using his Gorm Stone, Agrom transforms into his Lord of Nature formo In this moment, Noctis realizes that his Princely Signet (recently given to him by his deceased mother) is a shard of Gorm Stone as well. He calls upon the ancient powers of nature to awaken his Lord Form. Despite not wanting to work together, the two young Princes combine forces. They defeat Andrall and save King Nadar. Andrall escapes saying that this will not be the last they see of him. He boasts that Lord Magor's rise is inevitable and that the Air People ha ve garunteed themselves the same fate as the Earth People, destruction! Against his father's wishes Noctis decides that he will travel with Agrom and Old Sage. He will not be out done by surface dwellers and wishes to act as a proper envoy of the Air People, as they attempt to gather forces in order to defeat Magor!

Episode 3 – Tides and Currents

Agrom, Noctis and Old Sage come to Fortress Aqu to speak with the King ofthe Sea Peopleonly to find that he has recently perished! The Sea Kingdom is in disarray. His twin sons PIRON and DERON are next in line for the throne. Noctis and Agrom ask which of the Princes will be the next king. The very macho Deron looks to be a logica I choice to be the next king, because Piron is more of a gentle poet who spends great time lost in lofty thoughts. A shadowy figure - FUME slinks through the background. But, when the Test of Kings arrives, GLASS EMPRESS - a force of nature - selects Piron to wield the Stones power! The young poet is crown ed King of the Sea People! Deron is outraged. The Old Sage smiles knowingly and explains that she is a force inside the nature of the Gorm Stones themselves. Spurred on by the sneaky Fume who has been hiding in the shadows, a jealous Deron releases the KLAXUS - a huge crab-like Gormiti hibernating in the coral. At first Deron can control it but soon the beast goes wild and begins destroying the kingdom. Noctis, Agrom and Piron use their Gorm Stones to transform into a badass Lords of Nature, and takes the battle to Klaxus. After a massive fight with the three not always working well together, the team manages to roast Klaxus in a huge thermal pocket and make a lobster meal fit for a king. The fight between Piron and Deron over who will be king is about to reignite, when Piron realizes that his destiny is bigger than staying and ruling over one kingdom. He tells his brother Deron that he will keep the Gorm Stone and go with the other Princes on their travels to save ali of Gorm instead! The king is dead; long live the new king, Deron. fight with the three not always working well together, the team manages to roast Klaxus in a huge thermal pocket and make a lobster meal fit for a king. The fight between Piron and Deron over who will be king is about to reignite, when Piron realizes that his destiny is bigger than staying and ruling over one kingdom. He tells his brother Deron that he will keep the Gorm Stone and go with the other Princes on their travels to save ali of Gorm instead! The king is dead; long live the new king, Deron.

Episodi 4 – "The Root of All"

Old Sage leads Agrom, Noctis, and Piron to meet with the Tree People where he believes they will find a fourth Gorm Stone. Unbeknownst to them, they are followed by Sceven. Sage hopes the Princes can use ali the Gorm Stones to overcome Magor, before he regains his lost power. Deep into the thick forest of the Tree People, the Princes fa Il into a trap - a gladiatorial pit carved out from the knotted roots of the jungle! There they face off against a snarling ravenous wild animalPrince TASARU! As the Princes fight Tasaru they realize that he is actually the holder of the fourth Gorm Stone! This beastly prince is the rightful heir and ruler of the Tree People!? They fight the Tree Prince to a standstill; they try to reason with him. Tasaru, will hear none of it, he demands battle to see if the Princes can hold their ground. In the middle of their gladiatorial fight, the pit explodes into flames as Sceven returns. He has trapped ali four Princes in one piace and plans to burn them up in order to gather their Gorm Stones. Ali hell breaks loose as the Tree People's homes are threatened with Sceven's fiery destruction. Tasaru needs help, and instead of running and freeing themselves, the Princes stay their ground to help put the fire out and save the Tree Gormiti. Tasaru is most impressed with their loyalty to his people. He calls upon his royal counsel, a small bird called Sebi, to see what law he must pursue. After much debate Tasaru reveals that he must go with the Princes on their journey as a blood oath. For helping him save his kingdom and a chance at finding Sceven, Tasaru willleave ali he knows behind.

Episode 5 – "The Fifth Stone"

Glass Empress visits Agrom in a vision and tells him that a fifth Gorm Stone has been found. Agrom immediately thinks his best course of action is to alert Old Sage. Surprisingly, Glass Empress cautions Agrom not to alert Old Sage, but instead, to take his new allies to locate and secure the fifth Stone himself. The uneasy and untrained alliance ofyoung Gorm Princes are forced is forced to test their mettle as a fighting unit prematurely. Agrom, Noctis, Tasaru, and Piron travel to the Piane of Astreg and battle their way through a mounting army of Lava Minions in order to reach the 31 location of the fifth Stone. After fierce battling they discover that the Stone has already been taken by an ancient evi! that they face for the first time ... Magor! What should be a battle for the fifth Stone quickly becomes a fight for survival as the team of young Princes is unprepared for Magor's might. They don't battle together well and the precise forces ofMagor's Lava Minions deal a deadly brand ofbrutal battle. The Princes survive and save the Gormiti around the fifth Stone, but the Stone itself is whisked away by Magor's minions! Magor uses the Stone to upset the balance of nature throughout ali of Gorm before vanishing. The future of Gorm is suddenly in doubt for the first time in three millennia. Old Sage appears telling the Princes that they have done as well as could be expected. But Magor has disrupted the balance of nature throughout ali of Gorm, and dark times lie ahead.


Episode 6 – "1 + 1"

Nature is out ofbalance throughout Gorm. Using his visor, Tasaru discovers a Gormiti he calls a 'Gerz' - a creature which looks cute unti! Magor's dark energy divides it into more and more Gerz, defying the laws of nature. To better combat Magor's disruption of nature, Piron feels that his team ofyoung Gorm Princes needs a better pian and an officialleader. Noctis couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, both princes think that they are the only man for the job! Agrom is drawn into the drama as both Piron and Noctis try to convince Agrom to support their bid for leadership. With Agrom stuck between the two warring Princes, what could be a comical situation - the multiplying Gertz - takes a turn for the deadly when Sceven shows up, not to fight Tasaru, but rather, to collect the Gerz in the name of Magor. The Gerz are able to bond to one another and it becomes clear that if Magor had enough Gerz, he could bui!d an army! Tasaru alerts his fellow Princes. The young Gorm Lords battle Sceven to sa ve the Gerz. But the battling Princes almost fall when Piron and Noctis refuse to follow each other's commands. It's the neutral Agrom who emerges as leader ofthe moment and unites his brothers to sa ve their friend and the Gerz. Through the efforts of the Princes, Sceven is overcome by the very creatures he sought to conquer.

Episode 7- "Trench"

Nature continues to be out ofbalance in ali the lands ofGorm and now the focus falls on the earth itself. Agrom is made aware of rumblings - massive earthquakes larger than any ever known on Gorm. Old Sage urges the Princes to investigate immediately. The young Princes journey to the epicenter ofthe quakes - the Narrows o/Cormo Battling nature itself - rocks 32 and boulders being thrown from the bowels of the earth - the evi! at hand reveals itself... the villainous Fume! Fume has unlocked various Lava Gormiti that possess the ability to eat solid rock. What looks like random destruction turns much darker when Noctis is forced to fly Agrom out of harm's way in a skirmish. Agrom se es the bigger picture: Fume is using his Gormiti to sever the island in half! The Lava Minions are eating a massive trench right across the center of Gorm - turning the Narrows of Gorm into the Straight o[ Cormo If Fume and his creatures succeed, Magor will have half of their world to himself. Initially it looks like Fume will succeed when Noctis decides this isn't his fight - that the Air Tribe will survive just fine. But Agrom convinces Noctis that they ha ve to be ali for one or ali Gormiti will perish. It's an epic baule as the Princes succeed in stopping Fume and destroy his legion of earth eating pests.

Episode 8 – "Throne of Thorns"

ITasaru is having a difficult time listening to others instead of charging ahead and smashing his way through life. When the Princes enter a swath of forest where the trees are being forced to meld and grow into contorted shapes, Tasaru is understandably upset. His friends convince him to investigate be/ore smashing! The Princes discover that the giant fire demon, Mastodonic, is using his powers to make the trees grow into a horrible tangle. Forcing out the Forest Gormiti so they can be enslaved! Tasaru is furious and leaps into batti e before thinking things through. He quickly finds himself caught up in the same energies binding the trees! Luckily, this time he's not alone. The Princes transform into Lords of Nature. They empower the trapped Forest Gormiti to join them in the fight against Mastodonic. Together they save Tasaru from being crushed. Piron shows Tasaru how nature is interconnected by forcing water back into the roots of the massive trees, giving them the strength to untangle and return to their former glory. Mastodon is repelled, and Tasaru learns that he shouldn't go it alone with such powerful friends by his side.

Episode 9 – "Last of the Procella"

Mentre Felix sta remando verso casa, si imbatte nel povero Anton, il re pinguino, catturato in una rete. Felix si dirige subito dall’ esploratore Akio per farsi aiutare a liberarlo e nonostante le sue resistenze riescono a portarlo in salvo nella stazione di esplorazione ne artico. Gli altri pinguni, pensando che Felix abbNoctis trounces his fellow Lords in a sparring session. He is boastful about his skill and the power of the Air Gormiti. Before anyone can tell him otherwise, the very earth shakes as something massive falls to the ground. The Princes crest a mountain to discover that a solid piece of sky about 50 meters across has solidified and crashed into Gorm! 33 This time, the culprit is once again Andrall. Using his flaming sword to fire-freeze huge pieces of the sky, he hopes to capture the Procella, a massive Specialist Gormiti (Iike a flying whale). The Procella could give the Lava People superior strength in the air if captured. Noctis wants to leap into batti e, but quickly realizes he won't be effective in the sky against Andrall's weapon! Noctis is forced to swallow his pride and follow Agrom's instruction if he hopes to stop Andrall. Noctis learns humility and puts his prejudices aside as the other Lords work brilliantly from the ground. Commanding Gormiti to power weapons, Agrom destroys Andrall's air solidifying sword. Noctis lands the coup de grace by using his visor to cali out to the Procella, using them to blast Andrall half way across Gorm!ia rapito il loro re, e così gli rubano la valigia per costringerlo a rilasciarlo. Fortunatamente Felix riesce a recuperare la loro fiducia quando li salva da un pericoloso leopardo delle nevi. Poi li riaccompagna nella colonia dove le femmine covano le uova. Infatti, la moglie di Anton, ha bisogno di aiuto per proteggere e covare le sue uova. Di nuovo Felix si mette all’opera per aiutare nel miglior modo possibile i suoi amici con il suo ingegno. Poi, quando arrivano i gabbiani ghiotti di pulcini di pinguino, Felix salva i piccoli nascondendoli nella sua valigia. Così Felix, felice che la famiglia di pinguini sia riunita, prende la prima nave che lo porti a casa.

Episode 10 – "Riptide"

When the Princes wander across a Forest People festival near the sea, it looks like they're going to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, the festivities come to an abrupt end when mysterious piranha-like Water Gormiti swarm the beach! Piron is quick to judge, identifying the Gormiti as the evil Vomica. The Princes are surprised that Piron hates any of his own kind, but he explains that Vomica are wild, loveless, and only out to consume. Something about the behavior of the Vomica troubles Agrom. To him, the creatures don't appear to be attacking. Instead, they seem scared. Piron tells Agrom that he doesn't know anything about the sea. Piron and Tasaru prepare the Forest Gormiti to fight back the horde. There is no time to argue when a tidal wave throws the Vomica onto the land, intensifying their attack! The Princes save Forest Gormiti, but Agrom is even more convinced that something is suspicious. He doubts the sudden tidal wave is natural. Agrom breaks ranks and heads out into the sea where he finds FIRESPITTER - One of Magor's elite guardo Firespitter has torn open a hole in the botto m of the ocean, creating a Volcano base directly beneath the Vomica breeding grounds. Agrom rallies his fellow Lords into batti e against Firespitter. As the Princes valiantly fight, it is Tasaru who ends the conflict by throwing Firespitter into his own lava fiume! With their home rescued, the Vomica are revealed to be simple creatures who were just confused and lashing out in fear. Piron learns that he should not judge Gormiti by the way they look.


Episode 11- "Turn To Stone”

Agrom wakes to find that his Gorm Stone has been stolen in the night! He is afraid to tell Old Sage, and appeals to Glass Empress, she reveals the thief to be none other than Sceven. She adds an extra warning: "You must retrieve the Gorm Stone! Only you can properly possess it! For any 34 other, the power is too great ... and in the wrong hands, catastrophe will be the result!" Agrom rallies his Princes and they sneak out to retrieve the lost Stone. Elsewhere, Sceven is reveling in the power of the Gorm Stone, making him even more formidable. When Firespitter and Fume move in to wrest the Stone from him, power goes to his head and Sceven cooly defeats his former allies. Drunk with power, Sceven thinks he can now be the master of Gorm! Sceven unleashes a massive power blast, which reveals his location to the Princes. The Princes descend, but Agrom holds back. Thinking without the Stone, he can't be effective. Noctis assures him that he is stili their leader no matter what. The Princes charge Sceven. Sceven batti es the Princes to a stand-still. Sceven intimates that Old Sage knows more about the Gorm Stones than he is revealing to the Princes. Ironically, it is Magor that delivers the blow that weakens Sceven; he did not like that Sceven was getting so powerful. The Princes, using more coordinated team-work this time, take back Agrom's stone, and barely escape. Was Sceven right about Old Sage? 15 there more to him than they know?

Episode 12 – “Exposed!”

Noctis wants to ask Old Sage if there is more they should know about the Gorm Stones. Agrom is quick to stand up for Old Sage, but the other Princes are incredulous: "You heard what Sceven said! How can you deny the possibility?" Wanting to prove his fellow Princes wrong, Agrom follows Old Sage. Old Sage journeys to a hidden area dose to Magor's lair in Fire Mountain. Agrom is shocked to see Old Sage conversing with Fire Spirits - whisps of flame and lava that seem to speak the mind of Magor. Agrom can't hear the exact conversation, but he is now convinced that Old Sage is keeping secrets. Agrom is caught by similar Fire Spirits. He fights his way out and races back to the other Princes telling them what he has witnessed. The conversation becomes heated and the other Princes turn on Agrom daiming he's never willing to actually lead when it com es to defying Old Sage. The fight is vicious and only the intervention of a returning Old Sage stops the conflict. When Agrom demands the truth from Old Sage. Old Sage is upset that Agrom followed - ali he needed to do was ask and he could ha ve gone as his companion. Old Sage adds a stern, "It is not your time to know my secrets. When it is, ali will be revealed." This isn't good enough for Agrom who attacks Old Sage. The fight looks unfair in Agrom's favor, but Old Sage turns the tables and easily defeats his protégée. This brings the other three Princes into the fray, ready to stand alongside Agrom against any foe, even Old Sage. After a prolonged batti e, Old Sage realizes that the Princes ha ve bonded as a group and rather than destroy them (which he certainly has the power to do), he concedes the field, warning them not to take steps that are too big as they continue their journey. His cryptic words leave the Princes confused, wondering what will come next.

Episode 13- “The Fire Doors or Perception”

The Princes are determined to learn Old Sage's secrets. Agrom suggests that Old Sage may have returned to Fire Mountain and to Magor. He convinces his brothers to travel through the fire portai, which takes them directly into the Volcano Kingdom. They are beset upon by Magor's Lava Minions. They fight their way through them and journey deeper into Fire Mountain. Agrom leads the way to Magor's chamber. But, before they can dose in on their enemy, the Princes' eyes glow red as they are each overcome by the natural emotions of aggression that exist in the Volcano Kingdom. They eventually turn on each other and fight. As they're combating each other, Firespitter arrives to take advantage of their lack of team unity. Firespitter almost defeats the Princes. At the very edge of defeat, Agrom realizes that it's the environment he brought his brothers into that is affecting them and not their hatred for each other's difference. Agrom fights Firespitter as he leads his fellow Princes out. Back in Agrom's kingdom, they realize that they should've listened to Old Sage's advice ... that entering the Volcano Kingdom was too big a step for them at this juncture..

Episode 14 – “Firebrand”

Agrom doubts his viability as a savior of Gorm. For everything he does well, he seems to do something else that puts his friends and the world in jeopardy. Proof ofthat belief is not long in arriving when Glass Empress conveys to Agrom that something escaped from the fire portai during the Princes' visit to the underworld ... something deadly ... a Fire Gormiti called SYNGE. This vile creature is burning through a mystic grove called Mythia - a piace where visions come to light due to the hypnotic effect of the local plant life. It is a very important piace to the Forest People and it stands to fall to ruin because of Agrom's imperfect leadership. Feeling guilty, Agrom sets off to battle Synge. On his way out he's stopped by each of his princely friends, but he keeps his secret and goes it alone. In the hazy forest glen of Mythia, Agrom follows the signs left by the scalding touch of Synge. But at every turn he's forced to go Lord of Nature and do battle with visions ofhis insecurities and failures conjured up by the hypnotic plants of Mythia. Everything from creepy visions of Old Sage and Glass Empress to monstrous re-workings ofhis three Prince Comrades, to an even more evil Magor, confront his fevered mind! These psychological threats take almost ali the wind out of Agrom just as he runs into the only tangible threat in the forest ... Synge! A massive battle ensues between Agrom and Synge. Agrom has to battle through ali the doubts his phantom battles have brought to the forefront ifhe hopes to survive. He manages to find a new center and defeat Synge just as his fellow Princes arrive on the scene. Agrom confirms that he should not have go ne offlike he did, but that in this case, it was for the bettero He now knows that he is never alone.

Episode 15 – "Inferno"

Piron wants the Princes to forever seal the fire portaI. His reasoning is that if nothing can escape from Fire Mountain. then Magor and his lot won't be able to harm Gorm ever again. Old Sage cautions that the pian is a bad one - "what you bottle up in one piace will always find a way out in another." But Piron convinces Agrom that they have been given reason enough to not trust Sage when it comes to matters concerning the Lava People. The pian is on! But only three Princes, Agrom, Piron, and Tasaru head out. Where is Noctis? We cut to the Air Prince who is having a face-to-face with ... Andrall?! Andrall is offering Noctis safety for his people. There are coming dark times and Noctis could buy the security of ali Air People now and forever ifhe simply agrees to drop out ofthe ring ofPrinces and become a neutral empire. Wearing his statesman hat instead ofhis friendship hat, Noctis has to consider the offer. Andrall gives him unti! sundown to decide. At the fire portaI, the three Princes go Nature Lord and use ali their abilities to demolish and forever plug the fire portai accesso Their actions spark the attention and ire ofthe Lava People who send scores oftheir own to prevent the sealing. A massive battle ignites. The Princes press on, valiantly, but they lack a little firepower to dose the deal and wonder where Noctis is?! An arriving Andrall tells them their friend has betrayed them for his own safety. But it's Noctis himselfwho disproves that daim and knocks Andrall into the fire portai just as the Princes seal the door forever. It looks like a victory hard fought and well-won. But we cut to a different part of Gorm where heat and pressures begin to punch up a new portaI... Old Sage was right..

Episode 16 – "FELIX IN RUSSIA"

Tasaru wakes from a disturbing vision - his kingdom leveled - nothing but flat land. Agrom and Noctis get into a disagreement - do you trust feelings? Or do you only trust facts? Agrom agrees to lead the Princes back to the Forest Kingdom to investigate. Noctis thinks it's irresponsible to cut their mission short on nothing more substantial than a dream, but agrees to accompany the team once the Glass Empress appears and seems unable to say anything other than a cryptic repetition ofthe phrase ''The trees are under. .. the trees are under." Upon arriving at Tasaru's Kingdom, the trees are actually present, but Tasaru's people ... are ali gone! And in their piace stands Firespitter! Before Noctis can demand answers, Tasaru hauls into Firespitter demanding to know where his people are! Firespitter gives only cryptic answers mirroring Glass Empress' warning - that they are "under". The battle heats up with ali the Princes joining. Eventually, Tasaru pummels Firespitter so hard that he breaks through the ground, revealing ... Tree People - invertedburied neck down in the dirt - alive, but dormant. 37 The mission suddenly becomes two-fold - The Princes dig out and revive Tasaru's people while Tasaru himselfbattles Firespitter for information and revenge. In the end, the team save their fellow Gormiti, and learn from Firespitter that Magor has intentions for each ofthe kingdoms and the real victim isn't the Gormiti, but the Glass Empress herself! Firespitter is pulled from the clutches ofthe Princes by an airborne Sceven using a Gormiti machine. Noctis reveals that he regrets doubting the visions of his teammate as each ofthe Princes wonder what might become of their homes.


Episode 17 – "Higher Ground"

The Air Kingdom burns! Though it seems impossible to the shrieking people ofthe air, the glass spires of their kingdom glow white hot with the fires of the underworld. In the confusion, KING NADAR collapses, dropping a glass orb which rolls from his hand. Inside is a crystalline image of Noctis. King Nadar utters his final words before succumbing to the heat: "Where ... are ... you ... ?" The Princes are journeying cross-country, noticing that nature is out of whack: trees are dying; boulders are decaying into sand; water is steaming up into the sky from lakes. "Only the sky seems untouched by the villainy ofMagor," states Noctis. Suddenly, the glass orb from the opening comes burning from the sky and crashes into Noctis - King Nadar's words ring out: "Where ... are ... you?" Noctis is horrified. The speaking stones are rare and only used in times of great trouble. "I think we are upon one," states Piron pointing to a long line of smoke originating from a distant point, snaking across the sky. Noctis bids his brothers to follow with great speed! In the Air Kingdom, the Princes discover the fire-hearted Lavuss. He has somehow infiltrated the hallowed halls of Noctis's homeland. A massive brawl erupts with the Princes out oftheir element and out of their league. Refusing to let his kingdom fa Il, N octis selfishly battles alone. But it's Agrom by his side that convinces Noctis that he can't save his home by himself. The pair battle together and vanquish Lavuss. Noctis is humbled and feels he owes a debt he can never repay. Agrom reminds him that this victory has probably saved the Glass Empress herself and so there is no debt at ali..

Episode 18 – "The Pices War"

Having barely survived the recent attacks Magor has ma de on the kingdoms, the Princes decide that they must return to the other homelands and warn their loved ones. They've also learned that they work better as a team and decide to stick together instead of splitting up. Next stop? The closest kingdom - Water. Piron is thrilled to be home, and expects a hero's welcome, but the moment they set foot in the underwater city, our heroes are thrown in prison. They are declared enemies of the state! Piron's brother, Deron is in charge, and decrees that his brother is a traitor! 38 When they see the red hue glowing from Deron's eyes, our heroes realize that Deron is possessed by the same mists that the Princes encountered in Magor's mountain home. Magor's forces ha ve infiltrated the Water Kingdom! Unfortunately, no one will believe Piron or the Princes because Deron has convinced them that Piron abandoned them and turned his back on his people. Piron has no choice but to batti e his brother in order to protect that which Magor can never have - Piron's Gorm Stone! Using what he's learned in his travels and from his friends, Piron defeats his brother, but unfortunately cannot break Magor's hold over him. The Lords escape, promising to return as soon as they can find a cure for Deron. They must move fast. The winds of change ha ve begun to blow through Gorm. The Water Kingdom has fallen to Magor!

Episode 19 – “Hearts of Stone”

Agrom is anxious to return to the Hearthkeep and rally the Earth Gormiti against Magor, but Old Sage interrupts the Princes' journey home. Old Sage says that he has lost contact with Glass Empress and is worried that Magor's forces may ha ve gotten to her. Agrom is faced with a terrible decision: return home to warn his loved ones or fulfill his duty to Gorm and try to protect Glass Empress. With his heart heavy, Agrom leads the other Princes away from the Earth Kingdom and follows Old Sage ... ... But it's a trap! It isn't Old Sage at all, but the shape-changing Lava Gormiti FALZUS! Falzus leads the Princes on a wild goose chase until they realize his deception and beat Falzus down. In defeat, Falzus only laughs! He was only buying time. As if on cue, the earth begins to shake! Possessed Earth Gormiti explode from the ground like zombies! The Princes are besieged by some of the most powerful Gormiti on the island - Agrom's own people! The Princes repel the attack and protect their Gorm Stones. Falzus manages to sneak away with the possessed Earth Gormiti - except for one warrior called Spero. The Princes, they turn Spero over to the real Old Sage for study. The Earth Kingdom may have fallen, but if Sage can determine how Magor possesses Gormiti with his "Firemind" technique and reverse that procedure, they can be freed from his influence!

Episode 20 – “Mind Burn”

The citizens of Gorm are slowly falling under the influence of Magor's Firemind. The vampiric effect is spreading throughout the Isle making lava-minded Gormiti out of previously normal citizens. The Princes continue push on to the Earth Kingdom. They ha ve seen possessed Earth Gormiti, and Agrom must know whether or not his home has fallen. At the foot of the Hearthkeep, our heroes spot Andrall with a handful of specialist Lava Gormiti just ... waiting? Agrom, enraged, wants to attack immediately, but the other Lords hold him back. Noctis points out that while the Lava Gormiti are anxious to spread the Firemind; Andrall is not 39 giving the commando They need to learn what he's planning and opt to wait until nightfall to attack. The Princes infiltrate the Lava camp using stealth, leaving Noctis and Piron to take out the Lava Gormiti quietly in the shadows. When only Andrall is left, he appears to the Princes, fully aware that they've been following him and taking out his troops. Andrall has orders to unleash the Firemind, but hesitates, because he finds it dishonorable ... distasteful even. Agrom thinks this is some kind of trick, and launches into a one-on-one batti e against Andrall. But it turns out Andrall is telling the truth, admitting that he has to weigh his honor against the "power of Magor." (Implying that Magor is holding something over him.) Unfortunately, their batti e is interrupted by more Lava Gormiti and Andrall is forced to withdraw his honorable side. There is a fierce fight, but facing the full might of the Lords of Gorm, the Lava minions and Andrall ha ve no choice but to retreat. The Earth Kingdom is saved today, but for how long? And more importantly, is Andrall a potential ally in this war?


Episode 21 – "Thicker Than Water"

The Princes return to the Water Kingdom. After stealthily making their way in, they are attacked by a regiment of Water Gormiti possessed with the Firemind. The Princes, and especially Piron, are shocked to find that Deron (stili possessed by Magor) has turned his entire population into lavaminded slaves! Magor intends to turn ali Water Gormiti into an army that will wage war on the other Kingdoms. Piron's begs his brothers in arms not to harm his people, so Agrom convinces them to adopt a radical pian: the Princes allow themselves to be taken into custody. As captives, the Princes meet other Water Gormiti that did not succumb to DeronjMagor's Firemind influence. Ali were quickly incarcerated. But together, the Princes and the other captive Gormiti lead a Spartacus-style prisoner revolt and riot. The incident buys enough time for Piron to escape alone in the confusion. Piron makes his way to Fortress Aqu and the centrai throne room, where he once again confronts his brother, Deron. Deron is so lost in the Firemind that's almost unrecognizable. The longer Gormiti are afflicted by the fire possession, the more their physical form changes. Left under long enough, it appears any Gormiti would transform into a lava person. Back in prison, the battle rages. The other Princes finally storm out and begin to battle the army of Fireminded Water Gormiti. As they defeat opponents, Magor's influence weakens. This gives Piron the chance to get through and speak to Deron, convincing his brother to fight against his own possession. With Piron's help, Deron is freed of the Firemind influence. Ali the Water Gormiti 40 he had infected are released by extension. Once again, the Water Kingdom is free! And Magor isn't happy about i t... !

Episode 22 – “Forest Fire”

Old Sage - having studied the captive Spero - believes he knows how the Firemind works, but keeps his findings away fram the Princes "for their own safety." Agram protests: "We're the ones who turned him over to you! You can't keep so many secrets fram us!" But Old Sage won't budge. And so, later the Princes sneak in to get their own look at the captive Gormiti. Spero spins tales of being cured, but stili being held prisoner by the crazed Old Sage. The Princes release him and Spero reveals he was only playing at being cured! He escapes and The Princes ha ve no idea where he's gone. Old Sage is angered and disappointed. The Princes learn fram Glass Empress that Spero has gone to the Forest Kingdom where he is attacking the Refuge at its base. He is intent on destraying it in the name of Magar. To Spero, this is the only way to signal the Volcano Tribe that he's out and free and ready to lead a new army to the ultimate goal. The Princes have to shut him down before a full-on invasion of the Forest Kingdom ensues. The Princes engage Spera, but he is able to defend himself by bringing on a self-transformation that makes him even more powerful than the Princes. Luckily, Old Sage arrives! Using what he learned fram his study of Spero, Old Sage is able to direct The Princes to reverse Spero's transformation. Through teamwork, The Princes are able to defeat the reverted Spero and save

Episode 23 – “The Wind and the Liar”

After some in-fighting amongst the Princes over strategy relating to Magor, Nactis storms away and returns to the Air Kingdom. Ignorance is bliss for a short time as the kingdom once again seems far removed fram the troubles of the world. Until. .. a long range "eruptor blast" weapon fires a projectile ali the way fram Fire Mountain torching the thrane raom! Even King Nadar is shocked by this change in tactic! Having sworn off his fellow Princes, Noctis sets off alone aga in ... this time to the Volcano Kingdom and Fire Mountain. He takes the fight to Magar himself, even after Glass Empress warns him against such stubbornness. Fortunately, the other three Princes intercept him before he can complete what would be a suicide mission. Noctis tries to fight them off (a batti e being observed with much satisfaction by Magor himself). Eruptor blasts fire up again and send another volley at the Air Kingdom. The Princes race the blasts themselves to try and defend the besieged Kingdom. 41 The Princes are mostly successful in diverting the blasts. Surprisingly, it is Noctis who is the least successful at defending his Kingdom. In the aftermath, he realizes how much the team of the Princes is valuable to the defense of ali of their Kingdoms. The rebuilding process begins, and it's the timely arrivai of Glass Empress who truly helps restore the Air Kingdom to its former glory.

Episode 24 – "The Infinite Maze"

Andrall and Fume capture Old Sage and drag him into a massive labyrinth - The Infinite Maze - hidden deep in the center of Gorm. The fire lieutenants want Sage to guide them past the wild ravenous Gormiti called LUPINO that haunts its pathways. If they can arrive at the opposi te side of the maze, it is rumored that they will find a secret chamber rumored to be the seat of the Glass Empress herself! If Magor controls her, Magor controls Gorm! A fine pian, if not for the timely arrivai of The Princes! After a quick battle with The Princes - Andrall and Fume reveal that Old Sage is in truth GALESDO - Magor's younger brother! Our heroes are shocked, after ali this time about teaching them to trust and work with each other they discover that Old Sage is a member of the Volcano Tribe? Their emotions run the gamut - feeling confused and angry that Old Sage never told them the truth. As they batti e the huge Maze Gormiti Lupuno, they must also batti e their feelings of betrayal. Are they walking into an elaborate plot to get them ali on volcano ground and ha ve their Gorm Stones stolen? Agrom is the Ione supporter of Sage. The team turns on each other getting lost in the maze. Alone in the maze, Agrom com es face-to-face with the Glass Empress. She tells the young hero that she was once a prisoner of Magor, and that the Old Sage turned against his brother to free her. It was her idea to splinter the Heart of Gorm so that Magor could never get his hands on its full power again. But, it came at great sacrifice, because in shattering the stone she and Old Sage were separated forever. It is only when ali five peoples can live in harmony that the stone can recombine. Only then will she be whole. Only then can she and Old Sage be reunited. Agrom realizes that he should never have mistrusted Old Sage. Using the rocks and Rock Gormiti around him, he moves the maze and finds the rest of the team. They band together to fight and defeat Andrall, Fume, and Lupuno. They save Old Sage and stop the bad guys before they are able to discover the hidden home of the Glass Empress. Or was it just a myth ... ?

Episode 25 – “Megasus”

The Princes are working better as a team, but are stili far from perfect. They have petty differences to overcome before they can cali upon the full power of nature. But, when Magor (stili not at full power, but strengthened by ali of his enslaved Gormiti) and his minions come after the team in a surprise attack -something no one counted on occurs. When the five Gorm Stones get in dose proximity of each other they form THE MEGASUS - a Titan Gormiti comprised of ali the elements! The Megasus is a gnarled twist of rock and wood with wings and webbed feet. It wields a mighty hammer that can cali down lightning or release magma from the earth! It is by far the most powerful weapon of all- but no one Lord has the power to contro I it. As the fight escalates, the Megasus's allegiances change with the momento It goes with whichever has the upper hand. It is only when The Princes realize that they should not be commanding nature but working with it in consort that they gain control of the Megasus! It's a batti e royal as they send Magor and his lieutenants back to their fiery kingdom..

Episode 26 – "A Heart or Glass"

Disguising himself as Old Sage, Magor sets a trap for the elusive Glass Empress and manages to capture her! In his Volcano Fortress, Magor reveals his pian - drawing out her powers of nature he will use her energy to create a New Heart of Gorm. With this power Magor intends to defeat the young Lords of Nature and rule over ali! But as Magor starts his work the Glass Empress manages to get a final message (via hibernating Gormiti) to Agrom and The Princes. It's a race against time as the team makes its way to Magor's Volcanic Fortress at Fire Mountain. They batti e past his lieutenants freeing many trapped and enslaved Gormiti along the way! Finally they storm Magor's inner sanctum. In a huge throw down the team manages to retrieve Magor's Gorm Stone and evoke the Megasus! But it may be too little too late. They see Glass Empress dissipate as Magor's new Fire Stone is created! His New Heart of Gorm creates a massive FIRE FORM to batti e them. It's Titan vs. Titan as the two sides square off against each other. The Princes' confidence is shaken and they almost give in to his advanced might. As they batti e, Old Sage reminds the team that their Gorm Stones were never the source of their power. Instead they are gateway to commune with nature. Magor has ma de a fatai mistake in thinking he can control nature through astone. The Princes have learned to set aside their differences, work together and that is true power! Armed with the knowledge that they are strong as individuals first, and stronger stili as a team the Princes use the power of the Megasus to revive the Glass Empress. As she reconstitutes, Magor's false stone loses its power! Magor begins to fall and his Volcano Fortress crumbles around him threatening to take the Princes down with it! In a mad scramble, the team grabs Old Sage just as he says goodbye to Glass Empress who returns to her ethereal form and melds back into nature. The Princes ha ve worked together and defeated their biggest threat to date. But the shadow of Magor is far from extinguished!

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