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Producer/s: Giochi Preziosi & MONDO TV

Concept: Based on the pocket-size collectable toys by Giochi Preziosi

Screenplay: by MAN OF ACTION

52 eps x 26 min – AVAILABLE FALL 2012

Type of Animation: Full HD 3D CGI animation

Logline: The new Princes of Gorm are called to action when an ancient evil rears its head as the legendary Magmion returns!

MAN OF ACTION introduces a “soft reboot” that does not discount the earlier series but does not directly address them either.


Three thousand years ago, the Island of Gorm faced its gravest hour - Magor, the Volcano tribe's dreaded leader, was at the zenith of his power. His dark rage and volcanic powers threatened to consume the entire island along with every living Gormiti! Magor was repelled only thraugh the selfless combat and incredible power of the Invincible Lords of Nature. Culled fram the four tribes - Earth, Air, Sea, and Forest - they were guided by their mysterious benefactor, the Old Sage.

The Lords knew that a victory against Magor was temporary if the source of their newfound power remained intact. The wisest among the originai Lords devised a brilliant, but drastic pian - divide the source of all their power - The Heartof Gorm - into five Gorm Stones, and hide each piece deep within their respective kingdoms. To ensure that these Gorm Stones remained forever apart, the Lords made a difficult but necessary decision that changed their island nations forever. They constructed massive, impenetrable walls separating their formerly unified kingdoms for ali time. To further ensure Magor was lost to time, each Lord allowed Old Sage to remove their memories of the Gorm Stone locations fram their minds.

It was an enormous price to pay. The Gormiti had forged a wonderful society by living and working together. However, if peace was to prosper, there was no other way. Or so they thought. Each of the Elemental Lords of Gorm retreated to his kingdom, sealing it off from his allies forever. The legends of this epic battle and the willpower it took to complete it lived on through generations in the form of a story known as The Way. The story is a roadmap that details the legendary Lords' plans for hard fought peace and provides hope for future generations to continue The Way.

And for over three thousand years the peace has lasted ... Until today ...

The day young Agrom, prince of the Earth Tribe, found a crack in his kingdom's wall...

Until today…

The day young Prince Agrom found a crack in the wall


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