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Cinderella's father departs on a long business trip, leaving his daughter in care of her stepmother and stepsisters. However,the situation does not bode well for her ,as she is immediately kicked out of her own room, banished to the attic, and then forced to do the menial chores of the household while her stepmother and stepsisters are out enjoying themselves. Luckily, Cinderella is assisted by her little animal friends: Patch, an appealing puppy, ChouChou and Bingo, two clever little mice and a little bird named Papy. Furthermore, unknown to Cinderella, a mysterious fairy godmother watches over her fixing everything with her magic wand.


Cinderella's two stepsisters decide to enter the contest hosting the election of the Flower Queen to be. They order Cinderella, to stay at home and help them get ready. At this point, Patch and the other creatures volunteer to do Cinderella's chores for her so that she can take part in the contest as well. After much insistence on the part of her little friends, Cinderella sets out for the city, vowing to return home before her stepmother and her stepsisters, Catherine and Jeanne, who are quite convinced that they will be elected Flower Queens. Everything seems to be carrying on in the usual manner until, on her way home, Cinderella runs into a young man who repeatedly blocks her path. When she finally arrives, her stepmother and stepsisters are already there, waiting for her.


Cinderella and her stepsisters go shopping in the city, and while she waits outside the shops, weighted down by the packages, she once again runs into the young man she had met the day before. He stops to chat with her, and reveals that he is in fact the prince's fencing partner. When they overhear that the young man has access to the prince, the stepsisters plan to exploit Cinderella's new acquaintance so as to make an appearance at the royal court. Instinctively, Cinderella believes the young man is lying, but little does she know that he is actually the prince himself who, bored with having to attend his tutor's lessons, has slipped out of the castle without telling his father. In order to keep his real identity a secret, the prince has changed clothes with Alex, his fencing partner. Among the court members in the Emerald Castle is Zaral, a mysterious figure who, in cahoots with the king, wants to marry off the prince so that he will mend his hotheaded ways. When they return home, Catherine and Jeanne tell their mother about the young man and she in turn asks Cinderella to invite him to the house the next day...

Episode 4 – "4 WAKE UP MY FRIEND!"

Cinderella must find the prince's page so that she may bring him home to be questioned by her stepmother and stepsisters regarding the prince's likes and dislikes. And in so doing,Catherine and Jeanne hope to become candidates for his hand in marriage,as one of the two must be chosen. While Cinderella is out looking for Alex, she runs into Charles, who is pretending to be his page so that no-one will recognize him. Not knowing that Charles is actually the prince, Cinderella thinks he is just a liar and avoids him. On her way home, Cinderella's little animal friends remind her that her stepmother has threatened to throw her out of the house if she comes home without the page and so she realizes she must set out for him again.. As her situation worsens, the fairy godmother comes to the rescue using her magic wand to change a horse into prince Charles. Cinderella hurries home with the prince, but soon after they get there, the spell wears off and the prince turns back into the horse, creating havoc until it finally manages to escape. Cinderella returns then to the city, following the horse,when she runs into the prince in person, who reveals his real name, though not his true identity.

Episode 5 – " A DREAM MEETING"

When they learn that the prince plans to go hunting, Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother decide to have a picnic in the same woods where he is most likely to be found. However,when they then arrive in the middle of the woods, a storm breaks and a sudden gust of wind blows Jeanne's hat off her head. Cinderella and Jeanne attempt to try and catch the hat, but Jeanne is afraid she will stray too far, so Cinderella goes off to find her friend Pierre. A thick fog then settles on the woods. Cinderella and Pierre become lost. As Jeanne wanders about in the bushes, she is mistaken for a bear by Charles and Alex; in the nick of time, Cinderella finds Jeanne saving her from being shot as a bear. The prince realizes then that Cinderella is the same girl he met in the city, however Cinderella is so dazzled by his presence, that she is not able recognize him.


Apparrently many grapes have been stolen out of the castle vineyard,causing the gamepeeker to be on an expecially high state of alert. Cinderella's stepmother then learns about the grand thefts haven taken place, and so plots to discredit her by sending her out to fetch some grapes from the same vineyard, telling her it belongs to her family. Luckily, Patch, who has overheard the stepmother devising her evil ploy, follows Cinderella so as to warn her before she begins to gather the grapes, (in as much as Patch, ChouChou, Bingo and Papy can make themselves understood by the girl thanks to the fairy godmother's magic). In the vineyard, Cinderella visibly observes Charles out stealing fruit. The gamekeeper then sees the thief at work too, however, Charles manages to escape, and Cinderella is then caught in his place. When prince Charles, the real thief, finds out what has happened, he orders the gamekeeper to apologize to Cinderella in person. When Cinderella asks what happened to the real thief, she is happy to learn that he has been released.


When Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters find out that a fortune teller has arrived in the city, they are determined to learn what their future holds and thus send Cinderella out to find him. Cinderella's search fails, howeve she runs into a mysterious young man, who promises to find the fortune teller and also to bring him to her home. The fortune teller enters the house and after devouring an enormous meal and staying the night, he makes a series of predictions about Catherine's and Jeanne's future that do not please their mother at all. It is only after having been given Cinderella's carillon(which Cinderella had received as a gift from her real mother), that the fortune teller then announces that his crystal ball predicts the two stepsisters will become princesses. Distraught by the loss of her carillon, when Cinderella then goes to the city for the purpose of reclaiming her carillon,she discovers that the "fortune teller" was in fact none other than the young man she had met before, then disguised as a soothsayer to make a living. Even so, he predicts that a glorious future awaits her...

Episode 8 – "THE MAGIC OF A SMILE"

There is a revelry in the city because a circus has arrived to perform for the royal family. As Cinderella wanders around the circus tents, she meets an acrobat named Mary, who is training for the act she performs on a balloon. Mary is very insecure, and while a small crowd watches, constantly loses her balance, falling off the ball. Hoping to restore Mary's confidence, Cinderella takes her to her own favorite place and has her perform for an audience of small animals,however the experiment fails. While performing in public, Mary continues to be insecure and and still tumbles repeatedly. For this reason, Cinderella, having made Charles' acquaintance,decides to bring him to Mary and have her perform in front of him,asking him to pretend he is the real prince. Charles then has an idea of his own and tells the two girls a secret: "whenever you're in difficulty, make a magic sign,then everything will be all right". On the day of the royal performance, Mary remembers Charles' advice and does a perfect act. Afterward, she then looks up at the royal balcony, and sees the actual prince making the same sign that Charles taught her.


Cinderella is sent into the woods to gather roses. At the same time, prince Charles discovers great that changes have taken place at the royal court..... His old tutor, Gandis, has been dismissed by Zaral, and replaced by a younger man. The fencing master has also been replaced. Charles' suspicions are aroused…. While following Zaral into the woods, he is then attacked by a band of rogues. Cinderella tries to come to his aide, but she winds up captured and taken to the hideout of Blade and Zaral, who are plotting to overthrow the king. Patch and his little friends seeks out Charles and tell him that Cinderella is being held prisoner. Charles confronts Blade and his rogues, and manages to free Cinderella, however,we can see that this was possible owing to the timely intervention of the animals. Cinderella later tells Charles about a conversation she'd overheard while in captivity about a plot against the king, but also, that she thought it likely concerned yet another kingdom.

Episode 10 – "THE SAD VIOLINIST!"

Zaral is determined to arrange a marriage between his daughter, Isabel, and prince Charles. Zaral is determined to arrange a marriage between his daughter, Isabel, and prince Charles. On the prince's birthday, he invites all the eligible young ladies of the kingdom to a ball in the castle. Charles has no intention of being present for this, and his page, Alex, takes his place wearing a mask. Cinderella's stepsisters are in a state of great agitation as they "dress to the nines" so as to catch the attention of the prince. Catherine then orders Cinderella to accompany her to the castle in case her hair should need a bit of touch up after their arrival. Outside the castle, while Cinderella waits in the carriage for her stepsisters, she meets a most peculiar violinist named Nicolas, who is sad because he is in love with a girl from a higher social class, whom he will obviously never be able to marry. Charles suddenly shows up on his way to check how Alex is making out in his shoes and then assures Nicolas that love is strong enough to overcome all obstacles,and therefore,not to worry. At the ball, Zaral asks the fake prince to take off his mask and tell Isabel how much he loves her. In a state of acute embarrassment, Alex doesn't know what to do.... Fortunately, the fairy godmother's magic saves the day, permitting Charles to switch places with Alex and remove the mask, but ( much to the dismay of Isabel and her father) he does not declare his love, and then leaves the ballroom.


Cinderella and Jan, the fortune teller, try to help Nicolas (the violinist) to convince the parents of his beloved Variel (the Marquis and Marchioness), to let him marry their daughter in spite of the class difference. Unfortunately, this attempt fails miserably,however , with a convincing speech, Charles persuades the two lovebirds to elope, thereby saving the day. Naturally, Cinderella, Jan, Charles and the four inseparable little animals offer to help them along the way, but in the end,when the situation seems hopeless, the fairy godmother comes to their rescue. After a series of vicissitudes, Nicolas and Variel elope, promising to do everything in their power to persuade her parents to let them marry.


By now Charles has grown very suspicious of Zaral, and tries to learn more about him from Isabel. At the same time, unbeknownst to Charles, the king and queen have organize a grand ball so that their son will at last be able to meet a girl, with whom he will fall in love. Zaral finds out about Charles' conversation with Isabel, and then blackmails the prince, threatening to tell the king about his son's secret excursions outside the castle, should Charles fail to announce his engagement to Isabel at the ball. On her way into the ballroom, wearing a dress made by her animal friends, Cinderella overhears Charles telling Alex about Zaral's threat. However, she manages to obscure these plans at the last minute by creating chaos in the ballroom with Patch disguised as a lion. As it happens, Charles had already decided to ignore the blackmail attempt and unmask Zaral in public.


After being rebuffed by prince Charles, Isabel decides to run away and so force him to come looking for her. While she flees the city, however,she is then robbed, and just as the thief is making off with her bag, then runs into Cinderella. Together, they decide to look for the thief and her bag. As they do so, they are then accosted by a strange-looking man and his son (who is actually the thief). Taken prisoner by the two sinister characters, the two girls are forced to carry out domestic chores. While Cinderella does well as a cook, Isabel is totally incompetent. Finally, hoping to figure a way out of her situation, she tells Cinderella and the kidnappers that she is engaged to marry the prince and that he would certainly be looking for her at that instant. In fact, the prince (disguised as Charles the Liar) then does show up and free the girls to the delight of Cinderella,but to Isabellas' dismay,as she had hopped to be rescued by the prince but is fooled by his disguise.


Duke Zaral invites Cinderella and her stepsisters to stay in the Emerald Castle for a while, hoping that their presence will help him keep track of the prince, and prevent Charles from putting a spoke in his devious plans. Catherine and Jeanne are both very excited,because an invitation to go to the royal court is a great honor, however, all their hopes go dashing away when they enter the castle only to discover that they will be serving as maids. Naturally, Cinderella feels right at home, but her stepsisters act like fish straight out of the water. One fine day, Cinderella sees the prince stealing out of the castle and then follows him, but suddenly he is nowhere to be seen… by coincidence, she then runs into her friend Charles the liar, to whom she confides that she has been invited to stay in the castle to look out for the prince. This news only confirms Charles' suspicions that the duke has been plotting behind his back.... After breaking a doll (a precious royal heirloom), Catherine and Jeanne are dismissed from the castle. After their return, they then ask Cinderella if they can help with her domestic chores so that they can learn how to be good maids in case they are ever invited back to the castle. They firmly believe that Duke Zaral had them stay in the castle so that he could decide which one of them would make the best wife for the prince.

Episode 15 – "THE TWO CHARLES"

Once again,prince Charles slips out of the castle in disguise.This time he runs into Cinderella, who tells him that prince Charles is riding through the city in a carriage. It's later obvious that something suspicious is going on. A short time later, Charles and Cinderella meet up with her friend, Jan the fortune teller. He tells them he is worried because several days have gone by since he last saw his friend Marcel, who had promised him a good return on the money entrusted to him. Thanks to Patch's uncanny ability to follow a scent, Cinderella, Charles and Jan find Marcel who has been kidnapped by Zaral's thugs. Marcel and Charles look like two peas in a pod, and Zaral has hired a tutor to teach the boy etiquette and train him to step into the shoes of the real prince. Charles utilises subterfuge to take Marcel's place and after a tough fight,sends Zaral's rogues fleeing,aided and abeted by his supposed substitute.


Cinderella has a high fever and her stepmother is in a quandary because she is expecting an important guest and doesn't know what to do. Catherine and Jeanne are put to work, but neither one is any good in the kitchen. In the meantime, Patch and his friends tell Charles about Cinderella's fever and immediately he summons the doctor to go visit her. When Charles arrives at Cinderella's home, the stepmother does not recognize him, and puts him to work in the kitchen. The animals try to help, but not even they can improve the prince's awful vegetable soup, not to mention his cake. The important guest turns out to be Zaral, who treats the terrible meal he is served as an insult and leaves in a huff.


Cinderella tries to defend Catherine and Jeanne by taking the blame for the disappearance of her stepmothers most valuable ring, although she knows her stepsisters have been arguing over it ever since Jeanne took it from her mother's jewel case. Cinderella promises the ring will be returned that same evening and is then told that if it isn't,that she will be kicked out of the house. She has to go through thick and thin in her attempts to recover the ring, but finally she gets her hands on it (thanks of course to the help of her inseparable friends, Patch, ChouChou, Papy, not to mention the ever present Charles and the fairy godmother). Tis such a pity for so much energy to be wasted over a ring that turns out to be a fake! In fact, Cinderella's stepmother has carefully hidden away the real one. But Cinderella likes the fake ring all the same, and after her stepmother scronfully throws it away, she recovers it and keeps it for herself.


The king wants his son to sit for an official portrait, and Duke Zaral suggests an excellent painter. The painter in question is a strange individual named Zore, who lives alone in a castle atop a mountain peak. Once upon a time, Zore was the aristocracy's official portrait painter and it just so happens that Cinderella is looking for him not only because her stepsisters want portraits of themselves, but also because she wants to find out who painted the beautiful painting left to her by her mother. When the fairy godmother realizes that Cinderella and prince Charles are about to have their portraits done by Zore, she hastens to the painter's castle…. For it is in fact all part of a diabolical plan conjured up by Zaral, who has now acquired through magical rituals,the ability to capture within his painting the soul of the person he paints. He even manages to capture the fairy godmother, until the timely intervention of Patch, Bingo and ChouChou,who release her and allows her, in turn, to save Cinderella and Charles and even free Zore himself from a spell that had turned him a slave. In the end, the painter uses his newly won freedom to paint a spellbinding portrait of Cinderella.


Duke Zaral is irritated by local gossip..... It seems that Cinderella's stepmother has made it widely known that the duke himself will see to it that one of (her) two daughters will become the prince's bride. The Duke's state of vexation is such that he decides to teach the stepmother a lesson by ordering Blade and his bandits to intimidate the woman. The rogues break into Cinderella's house and advise her stepmother to leave the city for her own good. The stepmother has no intention of giving in and makes arrangements for the house to be guarded night and day by Cinderella and Pierre. In the meantime, Charles finds out what's going on and offers to stand guard after nightfall. Cinderella, Pierre and all the little animals are ready to repel the bandits' impending attack that unfolds that very night. Unfortunately, that evening a reception is being held in the castle, and Charles, whose every move is being watched by Alex, is unable to slip away. The bandits seem to have the upper hand, but then Charles, who has managed to dupe Alex, comes to the rescue, driving away the bandits with masterful swordplay. During the skirmish he recognizes Zaral's henchman, Blade.


Cinderella's stepmother snatches out of the hapless girl's hands a letter from her father in which he writes that he has found a good man for Catherine, since it is now high time for his oldest daughter to be married. He has already talked to the parents of Merville, the young man in question, who is very well connected. In fact, he grew up with Zaral's daughter, Isabel. Cinderella's stepmother will do anything to make sure that Catherine can still vie for prince Charles' affection and, consequently, she announces the engagement of Merville to Cinderella, plunging the astonished girl into deep despair. Cinderella has no choice, but to attend the party that has been organized to celebrate the event. When Charles shows up at the party under false pretences, he and Cinderella realize that, in reality, Merville and Isabel are in love and so arrange for this union to be heralded during the engagement announcement. Cinderella's stepmother is struck dumb, unable to do anything to change the course of events that see Isabel elope with Merville, finally freeing herself from the clutches of her evil father, Duke Zaral.


Cinderella dwells on the few memories she has of her mother. Pierre and Cinderella's animal friends tell her she was very beautiful and kind, just like Cinderella, and that she used to love taking quiet walks in the fields.Cinderella learns also of particular tree her mother once stopped to rest under which her stepmother has just ordered Pierre to cut down for that she feels it casts too much shade on the house. As soon as the tree has been felled, the Duchess then takes ill, and there seems to be nothing existent capable of improving her condition. The doctor maintains that only an herb that grows in the northern woods will help her to get better. Cinderella offers to go get the herb, even though everyone advises against it because the woods are reputed to be full of evil spirits. Still, she sets out, accompanied by the fairy godmother, who tells her, along the way, that she had promised Cinderella's mother she would watch over her daughter always. After many adventures, Cinderella manages to find the medicinal herb in the woods and bring it back to her stepmother who makes a miraculous recovery.


While Cinderella is walking through the market she runs into Charles who stands accused of stealing an apple. Cinderella sticks up for him, but is accused of being his accomplice. Cinderella and Charles,in turn, take to their heels and end up in an old tower that Charles claims to be his home (an utter lie). Then, he has a change of heart, and admits to the lie. The tower rekindles the curiosity of the two friends and they start to explore the caticombs, where, to their surprise, they find a cache of weapons probably stolen from the castle. Their exploration is interrupted,however, by the arrival of two men who have come to stand guard over the armaments. These men soon learn that the weapons are in fact part of one of Zaral's evil schemes. Cinderella and Charles are then discovered and, bound tightly together,and are dropped down a deep well. As luck would have it, Alex has been worried about the prince all day and has followed him from afar. He sees him being thrown into the well with Cinderella and so enlists Patch's aid to free the two captives, who waste no time destroying the cache of weapons in the cellars.


Prince Charles and Alex discover that a gang of bandits is plotting against the king. Thanks to their ability and courage they manage to escape an ambush organized by Terrol and his men, who are, as usual, in the pay of Zaral. The devious duke has already imprisoned the king and queen, and now he wants to eliminate the crowned prince. Terrol shows up at Cinderella's house, where a costume party is in full swing, and immediately had noticed a guest dressed as the prince. Terrol's men kidnap the hapless individual (who turns out to be Jan's friend Marcel, and who also closely resembles the prince). As soon as he learns about the plot, Charles finds Cinderella, and together, hurry to the Emerald Castle which is now in Zaral's hands. Thanks to his masterful ability as a swordsman, Charles fights his way through the guards and challenges Zaral, who stands before him, to the crown. Charles' first move is to oblige Zaral to release Marcel. Then, a fierce skirmish breaks out between Zaral's men and the army commanded by Alex, still faithful to the king. Charles emerges on top and Zaral is defeated. Poor Cinderella is in a quandary... What should she do, having found out that Charles is in fact the crown prince,to make up for calling him Charles the Liar?


With the support of Hans, his old, trusted advisor, the king wants to organize a Grand Ball and invite all the aristocratic girls of the kingdom,as well as the princesses of neighboring lands so that the crown prince will at last be able to chose his bride. The king's messenger delivers invitations to Cinderella's home, causing confusion amongst Cinderella's sisters. Immediately, Cinderella's stepmother orders her to see to Catherine's and Jeanne's ball gowns and when the time comes to leave for the castle, she tears up the invitation addressed to her step daughter. As Cinderella sits in her room sobbing, the fairy godmother appears at her side and uses her wand to transform an old dress of the girl's mother, into a splendid evening gown. Then, a pumpkin becomes a carriage, Bingo and ChouChou become horses and Patch becomes the coachman. Cinderella is ready to go to the ball wearing her mother's glass slippers, but the fairy godmother warns her that at the stroke of midnight the spell will be broken. At the ball, the prince is swept away by Cinderella's beauty and puts all his attention towards her, oblivious to the jealous muttering of the other female guests. Then, at the stroke of midnight, Cinderella, who is dancing with the prince, runs away losing a glass slipper on the stairs.


Prince Charles is enchanted by the mysterious girl who disappeared into thin air at the ball after losing a glass shoe on the palace stairs and he is desperate to find her. Hans and Alex decide to help him and obtain the king's permission to seek out the girl. They go from house to house with the shoe, trying to find its rightful owner. Finally, their quest still unsuccessful, they arrive at the house of Cinderella, who is still reeling in disbelief that she had actually been dancing with the prince at the castle. Her stepmother orders her to go to her room and stay there while her stepsisters come to debate over who should try the shoe on first. Naturally, it doesn't fit either one of them. At this point, Hans asks the stepmother to call her other daughter, as she too must try on the shoe. After Hans insists, reluctantly the stepmother summons Cinderella who at first refuses to try on the shoe. It takes all her animal friends and the fairy godmother to persuade her to change her mind. Finally,she slips her foot into the shoe and before she can blink,the gates of the Emerald Castle swing wide open to welcome her.

Episode 26 – "A HAPPY MARRIAGE"

Cinderella is escorted with pomp and ceremony to the castle to meet prince Charles, who is delighted to learn that the girl he danced with at the ball is actually Cinderella. After he introduces her to his parents, the preparations for the wedding begin. Just when it seems that there are no more threats to the young couple's happiness, the evil Zaral strikes again, attempting to kill Charles by making him drink a draught of poison. Then, thinking that the fate of the Crown Prince has been settled one and for all, Zaral kidnaps Cinderella and threatens to throw her off the tower if the king does not hand over the castle to him. Suddenly, Charles comes to the rescue. He had in fact suspected that Zaral's drink was poisoned and had only pretended to drink it. Now, he is there safe and sound, ready to settle the score with Zaral. After a tense, dramatic fight that ends when Zaral plunges from the tower, Charles frees Cinderella. Finally the two young lovers can live happily ever after, with the blessing of Cinderella's father who has just returned. Their happiness knows no bounds.

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