Being a company that produces cartoons for children, MondoTV is a dream factory. Each dream begins with the selection of a story and ends with the final notes of the soundtrack for a completed cartoon. We have been importing cartoons in Italy since 1964, initially distributing them through our subsidiary DORO TV Merchandising S.r.L.. Then we started to produce cartoons on our own. Over the last 30 years, we have produced and co-produced around 1.600 animated episodes and over 75 feature length cartoons for video and cinema - each one better than the previous. We now strive to compete on equal footing with the world’s leading cartoon makers, while also maintaining the same ‘‘spirit of 1964’’ that has made us who and what we are today. In this respect, our ongoing policy is to present stories based on literary masterpieces and historical characters that convey an educational message through pure entertainment. Our forward planning is focused on enlarging our cartoon library with additional TV episodes and theatrical features, as well as expansion into related sectors such as Home Video, Merchandising and Publishing. We are proud to be among the ranks of Italian artisans and designers who have earned a world-renowned reputation in the fashion, automobile, food and furniture industries. Together with them, we will continue to bring Italy’s unique class, style and heritage worldwide.






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30 March 2020 MONDO TV GROUP: The Board of Directors approved the draft of financial statements and the consolidated financial statements for 2019 ...


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